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A tonsil is an oval-shaped mass of tissue in the throat at the back of the mouth. The tonsils are a part of your lymphoid system and help to protect you from infection by trapping bacteria and viruses that enter through your nose and mouth. It is widespread for tonsillitis to occur at any time of the year, but it is usually worst during the winter season when your immune system is low. It is often best to go to your doctor for treatment when there is no improvement after three days of symptoms. They tend to develop over time, and at night, they can become dislodged and then will be swallowed. The type of bacterial infection on the tonsils is not thought to cause the production of stones, but it can add to their buildup.

Tonsil Function

The official function of the tonsils is to protect your body from infections. However, there are other functions that they play in health. The tonsils also regulate the mucous produced by your nose and throat glands.

The tonsils help prevent cavities by removing bacteria and plaque on the teeth. Without your tonsils, you could get a hole in your teeth which could be painful. They also help to maintain strong teeth by keeping them from being weakened. The tonsils can be removed if they are causing harm.

Your tonsils also help to fight sore throats by fighting off infections in the nose and throat. The tonsil contains lymphocytes designed to recognize viruses and bacteria and destroy them before infecting other parts of your body.

The tonsils are connected directly to the trachea, which helps you breathe by clearing food, mucus, dust, dander and other foreign objects from entering your lungs. They also help produce mucus that thickens to protect your throat from damage.

Common Tonsil Conditions

There are several conditions which can occur to a person’s tonsils. Some of the most common include: 

  1. Acute Tonsillitis - Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections can cause it. The upper part of the throat becomes inflamed, which can cause a sore throat, fever and difficulty swallowing.
  2. Elephantitis - It is an infection that is more common in older people. This infection can occur when the tonsils are not doing their job correctly and not adequately removing the bacteria and viruses that enter your nose.
  3. Tonsilloliths - It is a small pebble-sized calcification that forms on the tonsils. They can cause infections which can then lead to an abscess.
  4. Peritonsillar Abscess - It is also known as an abscess of the glands surrounding the tonsils. This condition can be caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus, both bacteria that live in your mouth and throat but can also live in other parts of your body.

Treating Tonsil Problems

There are methods to help treat tonsil issues that arise. They include: 

  1. Taking over-the-counter antibiotics - You can buy over-the-counter antibiotics to help treat an abscess on your tonsils. Take these medications for a week, and ensure you take them simultaneously daily.
  2. Tonsillectomy - It is a surgical procedure used as an option to help treat tonsil tissues and glands. The surgery will involve removing your tonsils so that it helps to prevent other infections from occurring.
  3. Gargling with salt water - This is very efficient at treating sore throats caused by bacteria and viruses in the throat, and the glands of the tonsils can be treated with salt water.
  4. Gargling with apple cider vinegar - This will help to soothe a sore throat, and it will also help to prevent bacteria from infecting the site where your tonsils used to be.