main of Are You Up To Date With These Fantastic Fashion Trends?

Below are seven trends that are making their way into the closets of fashion-conscience shoppers. No matter a person's budget, there is something on this list that will work for them. There also is something here for any type of style preference. A few of these items are season-specific, while others featured here can be used throughout the year. In addition to being very popular in the fashion world today, these fashionable pieces should stand the test of time. Fashion and style experts predict these types of looks to be around for years. For any woman out there who wants to make a smart choice when it comes to updating their wardrobe, these trends are sure to make them happy. Ladies will be able to show off the best of the best trending styles, look phenomenal, and be more confident about their overall appearance. The following seven styles will help women step out with confidence whenever and wherever.

1 - Baggy Shorts and Bermuda Shorts

These are incredibly popular right now. Gone are the days that ladies had to don short shorts to look amazing. They can show off their body still, though. In fact, these bottoms accentuate the beauty of a woman's physique without having to reveal a lot of skin. Shoppers can find them made of various fabrics and in numerous colors and color combinations. Baggy and Bermuda shorts also can be coordinated with different types of tops. Shoes and other accessories easily can be matched, too.

2 - Drawstrings and Fringe

Add ons are big in fashion today. They provide women with the opportunity to showcase even more style. They can up the look of any garment. Some of the apparel with drawstrings is put there for more than interest. It can be functional, too, to transform comfort levels. For example, a jacket or other top could be rolled up and fastened. Fringe on the other hand is a style preference. However, it can create a big difference in the flow and overall appearance of the wardrobe piece.

3 - Hand-Woven Textiles and Craftsmanship

There is more value now placed on attention to quality. With more shoppers wanting to limit their footprint by sourcing their apparel locally, textiles and craftsmanship have taken center stage. But larger companies throughout the world have caught on to the trend. They know to remain relevant they must adapt to the demands of consumers. This has yielded more garments that showcase a genuine interest in the quality of work on display. Some pieces, in particular, highlight trending cap sleeves and puff sleeves.

4 - Florals and Interesting Patterns

Florals are still very popular. Joining this trend is the increasing emergence of interesting patterns on textiles. More than ever stylists are encouraging women to show homage to nature and their unique personalities. From very minimal art to more obvious statements, these design elements are sure to turn heads. They can be seen on just about any type of clothing.

5 - Garments Made with Recyclable Materials

There is a demand from consumers to see innovation in their options, and designers have risen to the challenge. Today clothing suppliers produce looks out of recycled materials. From accessories to garments, women are looking for these sustainable items. They are more affordable than ever, too, since most of the fashion world finally is catching on to this trend. It recently developed, but it seems here to stay. Shoppers and Mother Earth are excited about it.

6 - High-Rise Wide-Leg Denim

Every wardrobe needs a go-to pair of denim. A high-rise wide-leg pair of jeans is trending now, and manufacturers are putting out all kinds of variations. They showcase a woman's beautiful curves without restricting her movements, and they're more comfortable than ever. Plus, since so many clothing lines are producing them, they can be purchased without breaking the bank. This look can be styled up or styled down. Ladies can easily coordinate these jeans with other items in their wardrobe.

7 - Cover-Ups for Day and Night

Also popular right now are cover-ups. Whether a woman wants to head to the beach or out for something more formal, both day and night options are encouraged. They further ensure comfort, and they look great, too. Cardigans are very popular, and options that feature a hood are in demand. These garments are very useful, and ladies can find them in various pallets and patterns.