main of Indoor Plans Can Make Your Home More Beautiful and Appealing

Indoor plants have been trending recently. Adding pops of color to your living space is a great way to add vibrancy to your décor. The selection of indoor plants is limitless, which means you can let your creativity thrive. Whether you choose the lively crimson Oxalis or the whimsical string of pearls, indoor plants are for those with green-thumbs and low-maintenance plants for beginners. In addition to adding color, indoor plants offer other health and wellness benefits as well. Indoor gardening has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote creativity. They have been shown to improve the quality of indoor air and have been linked to increased productivity. Not only will your home feel fresh and new, but indoor plants from tiny succulents to silver dollar plants will also bring beauty to your home and offer therapeutic benefits. Let’s look at 6 great indoor plants to jazz up any room and bring color to your home.

1 - String of Pearls

These eccentric plants are reminiscent of jellyfish tentacles. They will droop over your planter in long vines of green beads. They are great as a hanging plant or standing on a tall pedestal. They do great near a sunny area but not in direct sunlight. Since they are in the succulent family, they do best with loose cactus or succulent soil with minimal water. They need to be water only every other week as they thrive on dryness.

2 - Aloe Vera

These plants are one of our favorites. They are used in skincare products for their restorative properties, slather on some aloe next time you have a stinging sunburn and feel the relief. In addition to skincare benefits, they are wonderful low-maintenance plants for beginning gardeners. They require very little water (only every 2-3 weeks) and thrive in direct sunlight. Aloe plants can be planted in just about any type of container and add a pop of green in any room.

3 - Chinese Water Bamboo

These versatile plants come in lots of cute containers. Enjoy a walking elephant planter with an open back to insert your bamboo plant or place it in the paws of a giant panda planter. Either way, the bamboo plant is another easy-care plant that needs minimal maintenance. Ensure your bamboo plant is in a bundle to ensure it grows strong and tall, and then place it in water. No soil is needed. Add some decorative river rocks or colorful beads to match your room. Make sure to use bottled or treated water instead of tap water as it is too harsh on bamboo plants, and change the water every few weeks.

4 - Peace Lily

If you are looking for a flowering plant that is not too difficult to maintain peace, the lily is your plant. These clean, sleek plants simply need a spot with indirect sunlight and access to shade, and they will thrive. Water only once leaves begin to droop slightly and ensure that the plant has excellent drainage for best results. These plants look great in any container; even simple containers will allow the lilies to shine.

5 - Swiss Cheese Plant

Choose this plant for a mental get-away to the rainforest. These large fern-like plants produce an edible fruit that resembles a pineapple. If you choose to eat the fruit, it must be ripe, or you’ll be at risk of experiencing a serious burn in your throat. The fruit is ripe when the scales become loose, and the inside is yellow. Fruit or not, these large green leafy plants will make any room feel like a tropical destination.

6 - Snake Plant

The snake plants’ high contrast of green and yellow makes a statement. As its nickname mothers-in-law tongue infers, this plant makes a scene. They tend to grow very tall with distinct angles. These make a great accent to a room with geometric décor and provide nice contrast when set on a low table. They are virtually indestructible and will tolerate inconsistent watering and various lighting.

No matter which indoor plant you choose- the dramatic snake plant or the serene peace lily, you will add color and life to any room in your home. Indoor plants offer healing and tranquil qualities to provide a soothing elegance to your home.