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When it comes to mental health disorders, it’s important to understand them to identify the individuals presenting symptoms. ADHD, known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a disorder that can cause an individual to be hyperactive and impulsive. Many people with ADHD have difficulty sitting still for long periods and focusing their attention on a single task. Both children and adults can present symptoms of ADHD that friends and family members may notice. School teachers, advisors and colleagues may see these symptoms as well. The sooner one identifies the symptoms of ADHD, the sooner they can get help for the issues that are getting in the way of living a fuller life. There are times when children and adults present similar symptoms of ADHD. For example, one may see how distraction, forgetfulness, and restlessness interrupt a child or adult’s day negatively. Keep reading to understand how the signs of ADHD may coincide.

1 - Forgetfulness and lack of organization

Someone with ADHD may have difficulty with organization and forgetfulness. A disorder like this has more to do with activity and behavior than it does with intellect. One may present signs of ADHD and be highly intelligent. Being absentminded or unorganized is a part of the struggle with this disorder. A child may show signs that they’re having trouble organizing their school materials. This may make them feel unprepared in class and ill-equipped to complete specific assignments. This behavior may also make it hard to master particular skills in school. A teacher or parent may observe that they always forget an item to bring to school or fail to complete an assignment. These tasks seem to escape their mind entirely. They may not do this on purpose; this is a part of how ADHD works. The individual with ADHD may have a messy desk. People may also note how forgetful the adult seems to be at work, seeming to forget meetings or deadlines that come up.

2 - Restlessness

An individual with ADHD may show signs of restlessness as a child or an adult. This display of physical agitation tends to be a classic sign that most people associate with this disorder. The inability to sit still is difficult for someone with ADHD, and it may irritate and frustrate the people around them. For example, a very young child may seem to jump around all the time. One may find them trying to climb on any object around them. They may also run around rooms consistently. This unruly behavior can become a problem at home and at school, frustrating parents and teachers alike. Adults with ADHD may find themselves in similar situations. This individual may be a co-worker who rarely seems to sit still. The co-workers and colleagues around them may notice the individual must always be moving.

3 - Signs of boredom and excessive interruption in conversation

Someone with ADHD may find themselves tired of listening to someone’s conversation and interrupt them. They may feel bored by a conversational topic, or impatient with someone's speech patterns. An ADHD individual may think that the other person is speaking too slowly for them. In most conversational exchanges, individuals tend to wait their turn to speak and respond to another person. This allows for a positive and efficient verbal interaction between two or more people. It also enables the conversationalists to talk to one another with a complete question or response. However, an ADHD individual may seem frustrated that the conversation is not moving as quickly as it needs to be, and they may seem disinterested in the other person’s concerns. Someone with ADHD may consistently interrupt another person and seem impatient with their dialogue. Both children and adults may show signs of irritation during conversational exchanges in this way.