main of Your Bathroom Is Empty Without These Hairstyling Products (healthsmarted)

There's a reason that hairstyles always looks their best right after leaving the salon. Hairstylists know what products they need to use in order to get the best results. Fortunately, it is possible to get the same high-quality looks without stepping foot in a salon. Having the right hairstyling products can make a world of difference in someone's at-home hair care routine. Store shelves are packed with an overwhelming variety of hair care items for a wide range of hair types. This can make it almost impossible to know which products are worth investing in and which are a waste of both money and space. The fact that some products work well for specific hair types and not at all for others can make shopping for hairstyling products even more difficult. Online reviews and recommendations from friends can help, but again, the products suggested may not work on all hair types. There are, however, some styling products that no bathroom should be without.

1 - Heat Protectant

No matter what type of hair someone has, when they expose it to heat, they also expose it to damage. Heat protectants form a thin barrier between hair and heat. This can help reduce the fading, loss of elasticity, and breakage that beauty tools like hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners can cause. Protecting a hairstyle from the damages of heat will help keep it looking its healthiest. Most heat protectants are sprays and mists, but there are a few oils, creams, and hair lotions available too.

2 - Leave-In Conditioner

Quality conditioning products are essential for keeping hair healthy. Finding the right conditioning product in a sea of options can seem impossible, but it is actually a pretty simple task. Someone with fine, thin hair should look for a lightweight conditioner spray so their hair doesn't become greasy and limp. On the opposite end of the spectrum, someone with coarse, thick hair needs a heavy conditioner with staying power, often sold in jars, to keep their hair moisturized. For people in the middle, most bottled leave-in conditioners will work. An ideal leave-in conditioner will give hair shine without weighing it down.

3 - Dry Shampoo

Debates have raged over whether or not dry shampoo is important, but it should definitely have a spot on every bathroom counter. Even if someone washes their hair daily, the roots may still get a little greasy from time to time. Dry shampoo can fix that. It can also add a little texture to hair, which gives it volume and makes it easier to style. Hairsprays can have a difficult time keeping smooth hair in place, but dry shampoo gives hairspray something to bond with to give a style a hold that is truly long-lasting.

4 - The Right Brushes

Brushes may seem like obvious items to keep on hand for styling hair, but many people don't put much thought into their choice of which brushes they should buy. Someone with hair that picks up static easily should look for a brush with widely spaced nylon bristles to reduce friction during styling. These brushes are also great for people with thick hair as they make detangling a breeze. Fine hair, or hair that has been chemically relaxed, will respond the best to a brush with natural bristles. These brushes are soft and gentle, and do double duty by distributing the scalp's natural oils evenly throughout the hair to keep it protected. There are also brushes designed for different steps of the styling process, making them the most essential haircare tool in any bathroom.